Apple iPad Mini 6 (Fall 2021) & Photography

Why hello there.  That’s right - I’m back…and I’m changing my blog to “Latest Gadgets”.  I decided I needed an excuse to take pictures of my gadgets and tech, but also write about it and what made me buy it.  So to start things off, let’s go with my latest new toy… the 2021 Apple iPad Mini 6.

So I already own and have been using the first get iPad 11” Pro from 2018 for a few years.  It’s main purpose was to be my mobile Lightroom editing gadget.  Ever since Adobe released a decent version of Lightroom Mobile, and Apple really nailing their Apple Pencil prowess, I was intrigued to try a nice travel and couch editing gadget where I can interact directly with the photo I was manipulating.

The iPad 11” is great, and honestly, it’s still working just fine.  But as someone who carries a ton of gadgets everywhere already, I was drawn (pun not intended), to the Mini.  The fact that it was compatible with the Apple Pencil I already owned just made it the icing on the cake.

Is it harder to edit on a 8.3” screen vs 11”?  Maybe ever so slightly, but with the super fluid pinch to zoom and precision of the Pencil, it really isn’t that bad.  It’s still better than trying to do it with a mouse or trackpad.  And yea, portability wise, I have pockets that it even fits in!  (although I wouldn’t keep it in one unless it was a jacket pocket)

In any case, I’m pretty happy with the purchase so far.  IMO, there’s no better device for editing RAW images on the go in Lightroom Mobile then the iPad Mini…just make sure you also have the Apple Pencil.

ThatsGinter Pros:

  • Size/Weight
  • Screen to body ratio
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil Gen 2
  • USB C for various gadget compatibility & charging
  • Volume button behavior automatically adjusts to orientation

ThatsGinter Cons:

  • Battery life shorter then the larger iPads
  • 60hz screen refresh rate noticable if coming from a 120hz (Pro Motion) screen
  • Headphone jack removed (doesn’t effect me)
  • Fingerprint Unlock instead of Face Unlock (but it works fast!)

Want to see more of my face and this new gadget?  Check out the YouTube Video!


Apple iPad Mini! - 

2nd Gen Apple Pencil -

The Fast USB-C SD/Micro SD Card Reader I Use:

The “more affordable then Apple’s case” case I use with my iPad Mini:

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