Our Best Time Machines

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before cameras existed.  Yes, we had paintings, but that required amazing talent and skill (not to degrade the skill of a photographer).  It’s just that…it was less common.  Beyond a certain point, we only know of people from history by their written descriptions.  So it’s easy to take the simple camera, that we all have, for granted.

In my last video, I mentioned that the camera is a tool.  And it is…just as a paintbrush would be to an artist.  We can be creative with it, yes, but we can also easily document our present.  I enjoy both aspects of photography.  And while I always strive to create the “perfect picture”, I do have to remind myself to just take photos for the memories.  

Personally, I enjoy seeing my progress in my photography by getting those photo reminders from Google Photos, Facebook, and Apple Photos, but even more so, I enjoy seeing our little one grow up, and genuine smiles of friends from many years ago…before all this pandemic mess.

So if you ever needed a reminder to KISS when it comes to photography, this is it.  There’s been too many times I’ve heard a friend lose someone and wished they had taken more photos of them while they were still around.  Our memories fade over time…and our cameras, well, those are our best time machines to teleport us back to a time that otherwise, may have been forgotten.

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