The Spark Of An Idea

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in a city that is not my own. One, because I love coffee, and two, because I’m killing time. My thoughts have time to wander as I wait, and being in this new place, combined with an idle mind has spurred up the idea, about well…coming up with new ideas. Thus I am writing this article about how one comes up with new ideas. 

Writers get writer’s block, and as a closet creative, I too, tend to forget to think…”outside the box”.  While I pondered this, I have come to realize that as much as I love routine, planning, and a predictive day, it really hinders the necessary ingredients for me to come up with new thoughts.  I don’t necessarily feel trapped, but I imagine I am preventing myself from just doing something “different”.  You see, your mind can become like a hamster on its wheel…just going in circles. Sure, you might be flexing your muscles, but you aren’t flexing your mind. While somewhat stressful, I feel that the unknown, or unpredictable day can jump start that motor that really needs to get going in a new direction. 

I just need to find a way to create variety from day to day, then translate that stress to strategy of the mind. I guess that’s what happens when you go on vacation, and why we feel the way we do when we return. It wakes up your mind. Allows you to think different. Appreciate things more. And sometimes…spark new ideas.

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